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xen/intr: hand off closing of ports sooner
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Authored by on Jul 30 2021, 2:27 AM.



Since xi_close now comes along for the ride, move some cases of closing
the port on failure into xen_intr_bind_isrc().

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Buildable 43554
Build 40442: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

Simply exploring some of the potential effects of D31188. Alas moving other close needed instances in is rather more difficult.

Updating this in light of other patches having been updated.

This appears to potentially benefit from D32876 as it means there is no longer a need to use xen_intr_unbind(). There is even more potential for merging things down, but this needs to be done with care. Alas, this doesn't appear to benefit my main goal.

Finally figured out how to do this, D33622/D33623/D33624 are how. Some functions were using xen_intr_unbind() since they needed the handler removed before calling xen_intr_release_isrc(), D33622 addresses the issue. Then simply cleaning things up.