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xen/intr: switch to passing initial parameters as temporary isrc
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Authored by on Thu, Jul 15, 5:04 AM.



Rather than joining the paramters together inside xen_intr_bind_isrc(),
there is some sense in using a temporary on-stack structure. While low
value at this point, this aids later commits.

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Build 37639: arc lint + arc unit

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This is what I was suggesting in D30936. Doesn't add much by itself, but seems plausible as a potential API. This has a distinct advantage for aarch64 as it could use "xen-virq%u", isrc->xi_virq for the intr_event_create() call in case of VIRQ. This seems better for VIRQs since they could get reassigned to different ports.

This removes one hunk which leaked in from a potential later commit.