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iSCSI: Add support for segmentation offload for hardware offloads.
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Authored by jhb on Mon, Jul 19, 10:21 PM.


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Similar to TSO, iSCSI segmentation offload permits the upper layers to
submit a "large" virtual PDU which is split up into multiple segments
(PDUs) on the wire. Similar to how the TCP/IP headers are used as
templates for TSO, the BHS at the start of a large PDU is used as a
template to construct the specific BHS at the start of each PDU. In
particular, the DataSN is incremented for each subsequent PDU, and the
'F' flag is only set on the last PDU.

struct icl_conn has a new 'ic_hw_isomax' field which defaults to 0,
but can be set to the largest virtual PDU a backend supports. If this
value is non-zero, the iSCSI target and initiator use this size
instead of 'ic_max_send_data_segment_length' to determine the maximum
size for SCSI Data-In and SCSI Data-Out PDUs. Note that since PDUs
can be constructed from multiple buffers before being dispatched, the
target and initiator must wait for the PDU to be fully constructed
before determining the number of DataSN values were consumed (and thus
updating the per-transfer DataSN value used for the start of the next

The target generates large PDUs for SCSI Data-In PDUs in
cfiscsi_datamove_in(). The initiator generates large PDUs for SCSI
Data-Out PDUs generated in response to an R2T.

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