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xen/intr: arm64: implement xen_arch_intr_intrcnt_init()

Authored by on Jul 5 2021, 6:41 PM.



Unfortunately this really looks like THE interrupt needs a full set of
IPI interrupt counters. For the moment, simply use a static throw-away

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Buildable 40322
Build 37211: arc lint + arc unit

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I'm really unsure what this should look like. The interrupt really should have per-core counters since it is expected to occur on all cores which process Xen events. Yet the intrng code only has a single per-interrupt counter, thus appearing to implicitly assume any given interrupt will only occur on one core which the interrupt has been assigned to.

I expect to abandon as a better solution has shown up, I'm simply waiting for confirmation before doing so.

Abandoning as a better approach was identified and has now passed the first testing round.