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net80211: mitigation against A-MSDU design flaw
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Authored by bz on Sun, Jun 6, 10:37 PM.


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Mitigate A-MSDU injection attacks by detecting if the destination address
of a subframe equals an RFC1042 (i.e., LLC/SNAP) header, and if so
dropping the complete A-MSDU frame. This mitigates known attacks,
although new (unknown) aggregation-based attacks may remain possible.

This defense works because in A-MSDU aggregation injection attacks, a
normal encrypted Wi-Fi frame is turned into an A-MSDU frame. This means
the first 6 bytes of the first A-MSDU subframe correspond to an RFC1042
header. In other words, the destination MAC address of the first A-MSDU
subframe contains the start of an RFC1042 header during an aggregation
attack. We can detect this and thereby prevent this specific attack.

This relates to section 7.2 in the 2021 Usenix "FragAttacks" (Fragment
and Forge: Breaking Wi-Fi Through Frame Aggregation and Fragmentation)

Submitted by: Mathy Vanhoef (Mathy.Vanhoef
Security: CVE-2020-24588
PR: 256119

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bz requested review of this revision.Sun, Jun 6, 10:37 PM

See the PR for the original description/patch. I only updated comments on this one.