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kern/intr: implement isrc_release_counters()
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Authored by on Thu, Jun 3, 11:29 PM.



Finally get this unimplemented function implemented. Primary
observation is distinctions of IPI interrupts means their counters need
distinct handling. Use low portion of array for external interrupts
(which always have 2 counters) and high portion for IPI interrupts
(which have more).

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Buildable 39701
Build 36590: arc lint + arc unit

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Theory is to make intr_isrc_deregister() work in the general case. Without this (or a fixed version) isrc_release_counters() is of course a wrapper around panic(). What needs checking is I'm unsure of how the atomic_*() functions are supposed to work, I think I got their use right, but please check. Actual hardware removable interrupt sources aren't common, but software removable ones are quite common (VMs).

Careful review and looks like atomic_store_rel_int() is needed inside isrc_release_counters(). Otherwise stores could move after and that would break. The accesses in isrc_setup_counters() all depend upon "index" which is synchronized.