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Note slight difference between strlcpy and snprintf return values
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Authored by imp on Sun, Nov 15, 8:00 PM.
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On some systems, snprintf can return a negative value to signify an
error. strlcpy never does this.

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imp requested review of this revision.Sun, Nov 15, 8:00 PM
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scottl added inline comments.

I think it's essential to remove the passage in this section about strlcat and snprintf being equivalent. Otherwise you still have conflicting text, and now you've added even more conflicting and vague (the use of "some systems" here) text. Since the implementation of strlcat() is completely independent of snprintf(), nothing is gained by conveying or implying equivalence in the man page.

Should be fine. Maybe a separate CAVEATS section would be more suitable for this kind of note.