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Switch rtsock tests to per-test jails and epair interfaces.

Authored by melifaro on Wed, Mar 25, 4:38 PM.



Many rtsock tests verify the ordering of the kernel messages for the particular event. In order to avoid flaky tests due to the other tests running, switch all tests to use personal vnet-enabled jails.
This removes all clashes on the IP addresses and brings back the ability to run these tests simultaneously.

WARNING: 100ms sleep was added to the vnet destructor, as it reliably crashed the box upon first test execution
Test Plan
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_add_v4_gu_ifa_ordered_success  ->  passed  [0.115s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_add_v4_gw_direct_success  ->  passed  [0.114s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_add_v4_temporal1_success  ->  passed  [0.028s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_add_v6_gu_gw_gu_direct_success  ->  passed  [0.115s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_add_v6_gu_ifa_hostroute_success  ->  passed  [0.122s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_add_v6_gu_ifa_ordered_success  ->  passed  [0.119s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_add_v6_gu_ifa_prefixroute_success  ->  passed  [0.122s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_add_v6_temporal1_success  ->  passed  [0.126s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_del_v4_gu_ifa_prefixroute_success  ->  passed  [0.125s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_del_v4_prefix_nogw_success  ->  passed  [0.119s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_del_v6_gu_ifa_hostroute_success  ->  passed  [0.123s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_del_v6_gu_ifa_prefixroute_success  ->  passed  [0.122s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_del_v6_gu_prefix_nogw_success  ->  passed  [0.122s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_get_v4_empty_dst_failure  ->  passed  [0.002s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_get_v4_exact_success  ->  passed  [0.144s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_get_v4_hostbits_failure  ->  passed  [0.123s]
test_rtsock_l3:rtm_get_v4_lpm_success  ->  passed  [0.116s]
test_rtsock_lladdr:rtm_add_v4_gu_lle_success  ->  passed  [0.124s]
test_rtsock_lladdr:rtm_add_v6_gu_lle_success  ->  passed  [0.118s]
test_rtsock_lladdr:rtm_add_v6_ll_lle_success  ->  passed  [0.118s]
test_rtsock_lladdr:rtm_del_v4_gu_lle_success  ->  passed  [0.120s]
test_rtsock_lladdr:rtm_del_v6_gu_lle_success  ->  passed  [0.136s]
test_rtsock_lladdr:rtm_del_v6_ll_lle_success  ->  passed  [0.111s]

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