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New port net-p2p/mt-recorder: Rust based hashing program for the Bitmark Property System
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Authored by on Mar 3 2020, 7:06 AM.
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This is a Rust based hashing program for the Bitmark Property System

It has two flavors the default which compiles with simd for modern
CPUs and mt-recorder@nosimd for older CPUs without the AVX feature

Also update UIDs and GIDs for mt-recorder user/group

Test Plan

poudriere (12.1-RELEASE amd64)

poudriere testport -j 12_1-amd64 net-p2p/mt-recorder
poudriere testport -j 12_1-amd64 net-p2p/mt-recorder@nosimd

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Build 27589: arc lint + arc unit

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tobik added inline comments.

Wrong order. See

Also please do not lock it to llvm80 and use ${LLVM_DEFAULT} here.


This should probably be an option not a flavor. When compiled with SIMD support the argonautica crate passes -march=native to the build [1], which means the package would be specific to the package builder hardware, i.e., the package would be broken on a large number of systems [2]. It is a waste of resources to build such packages.



USES=pkgconfig is already implied by CARGO_CRATES=pkgconfig. Please remove it.


Nop with USES=cargo ports. Please remove it.

If the binary needs to be stripped put a ${STRIP_CMD} in post-install.


There is no reason to use += anywhere in this port.


No need for the quotes.

update to address the problems in review by @tobik


simd exists on arm*, ppc*. Is it limited to amd64?

My present understanding is that SIMD exists on certain CPUs and that the way the Rust compiler works in that it does a native build
if SIMD feature is enabled which would mean that the build machine would have to support SIMD. Originally I had it as a flavour so
both kinds would have been built. I was recommended to convert to an option defaulted off so that build machines without SIMD
would not fail the SIMD version

linimon retitled this revision from New port net-p2p/mt-recorder (v0.5.3) to New port net-p2p/mt-recorder: Rust based hashing program for the Bitmark Property System.Jun 26 2020, 8:14 AM