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dtrace: quiet gcc9 Walloca-larger-than

Authored by rlibby on Dec 19 2019, 8:37 PM.



gcc9 grew a new warning for unbounded allocas. Checking against some
bound is a way to quiet the warning. The bound I have inserted here is
copy and pasted from the kernel dtrace_dof_maxsize.

However both this check and the alloca remain a little gross. I am open
to input as to the right way or place to fix this. A few questions:

  • Does any patch belong here, or do we go through an upstream?
  • Would it be better just to disable the warning?
  • Would it be better to convert the allocas in the file to dt_alloc? I think this is the right thing to do, I'm just wary of writing a bigger patch given that I don't know how dtrace is being maintained.
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make CROSS_TOOLCHAIN=amd64-gcc9 buildworld

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illumos is the nominal upstream, but there is not much active development there. I stopped trying to upstream changes a long time ago and will typically strip out code under #ifdef illumos when I modify something nearby. If my example is enough to convince you, you can just modify dtrace components like they're native FreeBSD code.

I do think adding a limit is reasonable and simply getting rid of the alloca() for DOF files would be even better. There are quite a few alloca()s in libdtrace and I'm not really sure it's worth the effort to get rid of them all, but I haven't looked to see how hard it would be. Note that there are some uses of setjmp()/longjmp() in the D parser so a naive conversion from alloca() to malloc() may introduce (probably inconsequential) memory leaks.


If you keep this as-is, could you add a comment explaining where this comment comes from? You could go a bit further and fetch the limit from kern.dtrace.dof_maxsize, but a hard-coded limit is probably fine. 8MB is a lot for a DOF file.

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