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em/igb: Properly re-arm link interrupt

Authored by on Sep 23 2019, 6:10 PM.


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Intel Networking

The link interrupt hasn't been re-enabled in the handler,
which caused that interface state changes were not reported
to the OS.

PR: 236724

Event: EuroBSD 2019 Hackathon
Sponsored by: Intel Corporation

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Lint OK
No Unit Test Coverage
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Buildable 26657
Build 25031: arc lint + arc unit

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I think this patch isn't entirely correct and complete; em_msix_link() should set EM_MSIX_LINK only for 82574 and em_if_update_admin_status() should only re-arm LSC interrupts if the driver takes advantage of autoclearing and, thus, uses MSI-X for such a device.
I've created D21924 with my version of the fix, which takes the above into account.

Hi, I just reported some feedback on PR 236724 you might be interested to check: - was not sure on which of the differential reviews I should post to, this or D21712