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Provide the list of knobs related to mitigations.

Authored by kib on Jul 27 2019, 4:12 PM.

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Parts of this documentation were written

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Maybe .Fx provides?

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of <remove the> processes owned by a different uid

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And we should probably write "Position Independent Executable (PIE)"
(Correct pluralization is left as an exercise)

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More edits.

kib updated this revision to Diff 60338.Jul 31 2019, 8:30 PM

stack gap

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"sysctl's" is a possessive here; since there's only one sysctl in question the apostrophe should go before the final 's'.

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Maybe "only allows unprivileged users to send"?

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"so-called" is hyphenated.
I'd consider wrapping Meltdown in .Dq as well, but that's less clear.

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"By default, the system detects whether the CPU needs the workaround".

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spurious space here.

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Maybe, "which report errors other than"

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I think the grammar is better as "on NMI; this provides"

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"a non-zero value"

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"the end of the aux vector"

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comma both before and after "i.e.".

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No, kern.proc is the node under which real sysctls are located, like kern.proc.all etc.

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It sounds strange that way, for me at least. I reformulated it differently.

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