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ix(4): Fix SRIOV initialization
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Authored by on Feb 21 2019, 11:32 AM.


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Intel Networking

This patch fixes SRIOV initialization by moving enabling of SRIOV
feature flag before ixgbe_if_init() is called. Also, Clear To Send flag
will not be added to MBX message when PF sends reset request to VF.

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Buildable 22638
Build 21746: arc lint + arc unit

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Does this match what the Linux PF driver does?

Partially. Linux driver does not add IXGBE_VT_MSGTYPE_CTS flag while responding to VF reset message. However, IXGBE_FEATURE_SRIOV flag is FreeBSD specific. It is used in ixgbe_if_init() ( ), so it should be set before calling ixgbe_if_init() in context of IOV initialization.