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Document cap_grp service.

Authored by oshogbo on Jan 10 2018, 4:14 AM.


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A few suggestions and corrections.

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maybe: ... which will allow to use the function associated with the name.
or: ... which allows to use the function ... (in this case, allows is fine)

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That sentence is hard to understand.
Did you mean this:

The field which was set as the limit will be returned else it will be set to default values.

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Is it just one group or groups (the variable says groups)?

I think you mean to write this:

The cap_grp_limit_groups function allows to limit access to groups.

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How about this:

The names variable allows to limit groups by name and the gids variable by the group number.

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The "respectively" has to move at the end, like this:
The names and ngids variables provide numbers of limited names and gids, respectively.

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Same here...

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... and here.

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So we have a stracture:

struct group {
const char *gr_name;
const char *gr_passwd;

So if i limit it casper to gr_name, I still will get whole structure but only gr_name will be filled from it.

New suggestion on how to word it better, based on your explanation, @oshogbo.
I found something else while there, but it's easy to fix. ;-)

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Ah, thanks for the explanation.
How about this then:
The field which was set as the limit will be returned, while the rest of the values not set this way will have default values.

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Just found this one: s/varlable/variable/

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Wrong variable? There's no "ntpyes" variable in the signatures above.

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as we

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One more typo, looks good otherwise!

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Thank you @brueffer .

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