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Update for lua to 5.3 and questions about
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Authored by on Dec 30 2017, 7:35 AM.


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Hi, I saw that the default version of lua is still 5.2 so thought I'd attempt to push that up. I'd also like to ask some questions about the file and possibly "clean it up"?

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Looking for input.

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So I don't really know if using ${PORTNAME} is valid or not, but wanted to look at standardizing it with the lua ports themselves (at least 5.3 and anything forward). Just looking for input really. How do I test this without modifying my actual ports dir (which I use as a reference)?

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There was an exp-run a few months ago and the results were bad.
Maybe lua ports could be flavored...

Using ${PORTNAME} in Uses/ is really wrong.

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There was an exp-run a few months ago and the results were bad.
Maybe lua ports could be flavored...

Sorry, could you expand on exp-run and what you mean by flavored?

Using ${PORTNAME} in Uses/ is really wrong.

I thought it might be but didn't know.

mat added a comment.Dec 30 2017, 8:45 AM

Before the change in default version can go in, an exp-run needs to be requested. See 19.8.5. How can an experimental test build of the ports tree (exp-run) be requested? added a comment.EditedDec 30 2017, 9:10 PM

Much appreciated. I'll start going through these failures. Given that some of these may be "unfixable"/unused/unmaintained, what is the expectation for "pass level" for an exp-run?

Is there any way to cross check how many of these failures build using Lua 5.2? Is is possible/acceptable to pin items to 5.2 that fail and let others use the default?

lzlib for instance is:

Can I ((propose a patch to) pin it to 5.2 (if it builds with 5.2) and allow the dependents to build?

Removed changes to Review is tracking questions on exp-run failures. Alternatively we can close this and I can use bugzilla.

Hi, I've looked over the failures and I think I'd rather just close this review and comment on the original bugzilla ticket. Not sure how to close a review?