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pf: Basic automated test using VIMAGE

Authored by kp on Oct 3 2017, 8:26 PM.



If VIMAGE is present we can start jails with their own pf instance. This
makes it fairly easy to run tests.
For example, this basic test verifies that drop/pass and icmp
classification works. It's a basic sanity test for pf, and hopefully an
example on how to write more pf tests.

The tests are skipped if VIMAGE is not enabled.

This work is inspired by the GSoC work of Panagiotes Mousikides.

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Consider using one of the TEST-NET-* IPv4 prefixes (see RFC 5737) instead of using


Ugh... Is 1 second long enough when you're spinning up lots of jails at the same time? Might be worth wrapping this in a loop that checks if the address actually got assigned to avoid surprising test failures.

asomers added inline comments.

Conventionally, this function goes at the end of the file.


This could potentially conflict with a real interface. For other tests, I've used the network, which is reserved for documentation per RFC5737.


Try passing no_dad to ifconfig. That might eliminate the need for the sleep.


ATF tests aren't supposed to modify the host system any more than necessary. I would recommend not loading a kld here. Instead, check if it's already loaded, and skip if it isn't.


In the unlikely event that your test crashes during setup, the cleanup must still succeed. So I wouldn't bother creating these files during setup. Instead, handle their potential nonexistence during cleanup.

This should address all of the review remarks.

It's safe to disable DAD here, because the epair interfaces are not connected to anything which could have a conflicting address.

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kp added inline comments.

Once this goes in I will see about getting the ci scripts to load pf (and install scapy) in the test-VM so these tests get executed as well.

Are you planning to change the cleanup as I suggested, or do you disagree?

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Sorry, I missed that remark.

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