tcp: Fix bugs related to the PUSH bit and rack and an ack war


tcp: Fix bugs related to the PUSH bit and rack and an ack war

Michaels testing with UDP tunneling found an issue with the push bit, which was only partly fixed
in the last commit. The problem is the left edge gets transmitted before the adjustments are done
to the send_map, this means that right edge bits must be considered to be added only if
the entire RSM is being retransmitted.

Now syzkaller also continued to find a crash, which Michael sent me the reproducer for. Turns
out that the reproducer on default (freebsd) stack made the stack get into an ack-war with itself.
After fixing the reference issues in rack the same ack-war was found in rack (and bbr). Basically
what happens is we go into the reassembly code and lose the FIN bit. The trick here is we
should not be going into the reassembly code if tlen == 0 i.e. the peer never sent you anything.
That then gets the proper action on the FIN bit but then you end up in LAST_ACK with no
timers running. This is because the usrclosed function gets called and the FIN's and such have
already been exchanged. So when we should be entering FIN_WAIT2 (or even FIN_WAIT1) we get
stuck in LAST_ACK. Fixing this means tweaking the usrclosed function so that we properly
recognize the condition and drop into FIN_WAIT2 where a timer will allow at least TP_MAXIDLE
before closing (to allow time for the peer to retransmit its FIN if the ack is lost). Setting the fast_finwait2
timer can speed this up in testing.

Reviewed by: mtuexen,rscheff
Sponsored by: Netflix Inc
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D30451


rrsAuthored on May 25 2021, 5:23 PM
Differential Revision
D30451: Bugs and problems even in the base stack.
rG84768d114951: fsdb: add missing bufinit() call