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Explicitly warn users if their system is not supported

Authored by AMDmi3 on Jan 17 2017, 10:07 AM.



After each FreeBSD release EoL and the following cleanup of legacy
code there's a bunch of complains from users about unexpected breakages:

To make it easier for users and to avoid the noise, let us introduce a
mechanism which disables building from ports for unsupported releases
with meaningful explanation. Bu default it adds IGNORE to be as explicit
as possible, but it may be overridden and be turned into a warning.

The OSVERSION ranges used here may also be used as a reference when
removing obsolete OSVERSION-based conditions.

Note that OSVERSION range may be excessive - I've included 11.x prior
to 11.0-RELEASE which I believe is not really supported. May also include
older 12.x. I'm not sure for our policies here.

Note that this also needs DragonFly support.

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A small textual fix.


s/to supported/to a supported/

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Apply textual fix suggested by bcr@


This should not be using IGNORE but a target in the sanity sequence ending with ${FALSE}.

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Use sanity sequence ending with ${FALSE} instead if IGNORE

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Remove debug stuff


Why don't you put the target directly here ?


Hm, I'm got an idea there's specific place for these targets.

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Move unsupported system sanity target closer to the check

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Looks good to me, I'd like to have another portmgr member look at it though.


You could also move the whole block to where that place was :-)

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I think we can make the text simpler and clearer. I don't like suggesting that people pull an old snapshot. Then it looks like an official recommendation, and then we have to do tech support for people who have a 5 y/o ports tree who are just following instructions. I'd recommend this:

Ports Collection support for your ${OPSYS} version has ended, and no ports are guaranteed to build on this system. Please upgrade to a supported release.

That wording is awkward. I'd suggest this:

No support will be provided if you silence this message by defining ALLOW_UNSUPPORTED_SYSTEM.
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Improve wording as suggested by adamw

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I like the idea and the code looks fine now.

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I assume this line is what you were thinking about for DragonFly support.
DFLYVERSION is the equivalent of OSVERSION, but it's only defined on Dports. Still, this should work:

.if (${OPSYS} == FreeBSD && (${OSVERSION} < 1003000 || (${OSVERSION} >= 1100000 && ${OSVERSION} < 1100122))) ||
    (${OPSYS} == DragonFly && ${DFLYVERSION} < 400400))

Note that I put parentheses around the original condition.

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Committed, also added DragonFly support and UPDATING entry