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Mk: Support multiple directories in {BUILD,CONFIGURE,INSTALL,TEST}_WRKSRC

Authored by rakuco on Dec 25 2016, 5:03 PM.


Group Reviewers

Make the do-build, do-configure, do-install and do-test targets in iterate through all values in their respective WRKSRC variables, and adjust most .mk files in Mk and Mk/Uses accordingly. A few have been left out (e.g., Uses/, because it is not clear if it makes sense for them to support multiple directories at all.

This change allows us to remove or reduce the size of several post-* targets in ports which only needed to build and/or install additional directories, as can be seen from the non-Mk bits of this CL.

The only limitation so far is that ALL_TARGET and INSTALL_TARGET are passed to all BUILD_WRKSRC and INSTALL_WRKSRC directories respectively, as I could not think of a syntax that made sense that associated directories and target names. This means some post-build targets were not modified, as they do things such as make docs which need a different target name than all or whatever ALL_TARGET is set to.

Test Plan
  • Get review from portmgr and others.
  • Ask for an exp-run (I've tested the ports changed in this diff, but I need to check all ports for possible regressions).

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I don't feel qualified to comment on the general purpose of this patch, nor on its effect on ports in general.

The port is a little strange, since you're now adding contortions to the build process there to get it to fit the multiple-WRKSRC model. That's one I might suggest leaving alone.

The indentation of dot-directives for Make (e.g. .for) is inconsistent between and the rest (but maybe it's already inconsistent and you're staying consistent within the file).

tcberner edited edge metadata.

Looks reasonable.

This is interesting, I wonder what will break.

This is interesting, I wonder what will break.

I've finally filed an exp-run request:

From the exp-run PR:

Antoine Brodin 2017-01-17 07:08:14 UTC
Exp-run fails to start (lots of make errors, probably from

Does it make any sense to pursue this further?

I think this can be closed ^^

Yeah. It's something good to have, but I don't have time to pursue this one.