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Amend HISTORY section of manuals for utilities in /bin & /sbin

Authored by sevan on Oct 1 2016, 1:03 AM.
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Group Reviewers
rS316205: MFC r306616
rS316204: MFC r306617
rS313144: In v3 UNIX, the kill utility is documented in category 8, not 1.
rS313143: In v3 UNIX, the kill utility is documented in category 8, not 1.
rS307414: MFC r306617:
rS307413: MFC r306616:
rS307412: MFC r306615:
rS307411: MFC r306615:
rS307410: MFC r306614:
rS307409: MFC r306614:
rS307408: MFC r306613:
rS307407: MFC r306613:
rS307406: MFC r306612:
rS307405: MFC r306612:
rS307404: MFC r306611:
rS306998: MFC r306611:
rS306997: MFC r306610:
rS306996: MFC r306610:
rS306995: MFC r306607:
rS306994: MFC r306607:
rS306993: MFC r306606:
rS306992: MFC r306606:
rS306991: MFC r306605:
rS306990: MFC r306605:
rS306989: MFC r306604:
rS306988: MFC r306604:
rS306987: MFC r306603:
rS306986: MFC r306603:
rS306985: MFC r306602:
rS306984: MFC r306602:
rS306983: MFC r306601:
rS306982: MFC r306601:
rS306981: MFC r306600:
rS306980: MFC r306600:
rS306979: MFC r306598
rS306978: MFC r306598
rS306880: MFC r306599:
rS306879: MFC r306599:
rS306617: shutdown appeared as a standalone utility in 4.1BSD.
rS306616: setkey appeared in FreeBSD 4.0
rS306615: sconfig appeared in FreeBSD 5.2.
rS306614: Note the version PF first appeared in FreeBSD & from which version it was…
rS306613: Note the change of name in FreeBSD 5.0.
rS306612: Note the name change from mount_null to mount_nullfs in FreeBSD 5.0.
rS306611: Amend history to mention predecessor originated from 386BSD[1] & current…
rS306610: Note mount_fusefs appeared in FreeBSD 10.
rS306607: mksnap_ffs appeared in FreeBSD 5.1.
rS306606: mknod appeared in V4 UNIX
rS306605: init was there in UNIX from V1
rS306604: gbde first appeared in FreeBSD 5.0
rS306603: Document which version of BSD first showed up in and add the version info
rS306602: Mention the version of NetBSD the utility originated from.
rS306601: dumpon(8) appears to be present in FreeBSD 2.0.5,
rS306600: dump(8) first appeared in V4 UNIX
rS306599: dmesg(8) first appeared in 3BSD.
rS306598: ccdconfig first appeared in NetBSD 1.1
rS306597: In v3 UNIX, the kill utility is documented in category 8, not 1.

Attached patch amends the HISTORY section of manuals which were found to contain incorrect. Additional changes address points raised by igor or mandoc -Tlint.

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Missed a utility in previous rev.

I've found a few typos.

150 ↗(On Diff #20899)


164 ↗(On Diff #20899)

(American english)

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279 ↗(On Diff #20899)

I don't understand this sentence. Maybe s/effects/affects/ ?

353 ↗(On Diff #20899)

I think the "be" can be removed here.

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sevan edited edge metadata.

Addressed the issues highlighted in the previous revision.
Reworded the statement in mount_fusefs.8 so perhaps it's better understood? as well switched from a noun (effect) to a verb (affect). This was in the manual already but igor suggested break up the sentence.

bcr edited edge metadata.

Approved. Make sure to reference all PRs you might have already opened for the individual man page.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Oct 2 2016, 2:40 PM
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