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Add instructions for LICENSE and LICENSE_FILE to the Porter's Handbook

Authored by on Sep 10 2016, 10:43 PM.
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There doesn't seem to be documentation in the Porter's Handbook about LICENSE and LICENSE_FILE. This patch adds a new section for it. This should be reviewed by a ports committer for correctness.

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I think this is a good start to adding a LICENSE section - thank you for the contribution. Not necessarily with this commit, but later it should be expanded to include details of MULTI and DUAL, etc.


"let the ports infrastructure know" is kind of vague. Also, this port might have any code, but still could have a license.


Set <varname>LICENSE</varname> to identify the license used by this port.


  • telling people not to create new copies of licenses (this is mentioned somewhere else, don't recall where
  • what if a port has dual licensing?
  • what if different components of a port have different licenses?

Yeah, that wording is much better.

For your second point, I intended to address this in line 3330.

Can you suggest additions to address points one and three? I don't know how to handle those.

There is a review openned for that, D56, it just lacks some inspiration :-)

Oh, that's much more detailed. Also untouched for two years...

I have no attachment to my patch, but something should be committed. Figuring out the LICENSE stuff was a sticking point for me due to lack of documentation, and I still don't fully understand it.

I suggest getting something in the handbook soon and revising it later, rather than waiting for a perfectly complete section to be finished.

A (complete?) superset of this content was committed as rD50189. To submitter: is there anything else that should be added that I have missed?