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libkvm: performance improvements for minidump read routines

Authored by will on Jun 11 2016, 1:20 AM.



libkvm: Move private kvm routines to kvm_private.c.

libkvm: Use mmap instead of pread.

libkvm: Bounds check (more) PTE indices.

libkvm: Improve physical address lookup scaling.

Instead of using a hash table to convert physical page addresses to offsets
in the sparse page array, cache the number of bits set for each 4MB chunk of
physical pages. Upon lookup, find the nearest cached population count, then
add/subtract the number of bits from that point to the page's PTE bit.
Then multiply by page size and add to the sparse page map's base offset.

This replaces O(n) worst-case lookup with O(1) (plus a small number of bits
to scan in the bitmap). Also, for a 128GB system, a typical kernel core of
about 8GB will now only require ~4.5MB of RAM for this approach instead of
~48MB as with the hash table.

Sponsored by: Backtrace I/O

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Committed last summer in several parts.