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check if accounting is active before attempting to rotate accounting logs
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Authored by on Fri, Nov 18, 4:12 PM.
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This corrects a bug in which the daily periodic script '310.accounting' attempts to rotate logs via /etc/rc.d/accounting by calling onerotate_logs function. The rotate logs function turns accounting back on regardless of what acccounting_enable is set to in /etc/rc.conf. This is due to checkyesno always returning YES since rotate logs is called with the 'one' prefix.

In effect, accounting will always be turned back on once a day even if it is disabled and stopped by hand. The fix was simple, just check if accounting is before rotating logs and if it is, don't attempt the rotate.

Test Plan
  1. service accounting onestart
  2. ps auxww | grep accounting
  1. service accounting onestop
  2. ps auxww | grep accounting
  3. periodic daily
  4. ps auxww | grep accounting

accounting will automagically be turned back on

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