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Complete `make test' support

Authored by AMDmi3 on Sep 16 2015, 1:01 AM.



Many ports have bundled tests which are mostly not used by the framework. This is obviously disappointing as it takes a great chance to discover problems early from us. Tests could also make adoption of new architectures easier, as though arm and mips support is developing, not many people have actualy software and/or care to set up qemu-emulated jails to test their ports, while this could be done automatically.

Thus I propose to finally add full-fledged support for test target. Considerations:

  • short test name; not sure where regression-test came from, but let's keep it short and simple
  • complete target sequence similar to build/install: test-message, test-depends, pre-test, do-test, post-test. pre- do- post- targets overridable from individual makefiles as usual, default targets provided where possible
    • perl framework already provides test target, I intend to be compatible with that; other frameworks/uses may do similar things
    • there's TEST_TARGET knob for ports which use usual `make'; it behaves a bit differently than ALL_TARGET/INSTALL_TARGET: it's empty by default for which no do-test target is provided, but it can be set to a target name (upsteam tend to use different names like test or check), it which case ${MAKE_CMD} ${TEST_TARGET} is called with usual make env/args
      • TEST_ENV, TEST_ARGS are provided defaulted to MAKE_ENV, MAKE_ARGS (compatible to what perl framework does); may be overridden by the port
    • individial ports may always define their own do-test: target
    • may add more standard tests later; for example, I can think of standard test for shared libs which tries to link with them. There are several known cases of broken shared libs in the tree, and stage-qa based check proved to give too many false positives
  • test depends on install. It could just depend on build, but I want to make it more flexible - for example, test may expect files arranged in a target hierarchy, e.g. stagedir. Probably, it's also convenient because it brings in run-depends which may be needed for tests as well

However, note that this code is preliminary, draft and actually a huge copypasta. Careful review is needed. Unsolved issues:

  • dependency handling; the Mk code for this is huge and I don't understand it completely
    • what lists should TEST_DEPENDS be included into?
    • what auxilitary targets are needed (pretty-print-test-depends? others)?
    • should BUILD/RUN/LIB depends be added to TEST_DEPENDS at some point
    • ...
  • probably needs more documentation
  • there are ports which need extra BUILD_DEPENDS for tests (see devel/pire). I'd like to handle these consistently, for which a dedicated OPTION should be defined (e.g. TESTS) and used in all ports with these conditions. This may be done separetely from this review though.
  • poudriere interaction should be kept in mind. Obviously poudriere testport and poudriere bulk -t should run tests.
Test Plan
  • I've tested this on my own devel/sdl2pp port with TEST_TARGET=test and some artifical TEST_DEPENDS. This works fine - make test build and stages the port, then installs dependency, then runs test which succeeds
  • Tested perl compatibility on p5-Module-Build (no changes to the port needed). Likewise, this works fine.
  • Tested on a random port without tests, this also works fine not trying to run any tests as expected

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  • Remove debug stuff
  • Add test support to devel/sdl2pp
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Thanks for working on this!

4500–4512 ↗(On Diff #8786)

Please use Mk/Scripts/ and copy how the all-depends-list target via ALL-DEPENDS-LIST works now.

It would be nice to use less inline shell and not add more.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Sep 16 2015, 1:12 AM

Sounds good to me, and I agree with @bdrewery about the inline stuff please replace it with a proper script.

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  • As suggested by @bdrewery, switch test-depends-list to external script. I've named it, if I understand correctly it may be used for other *-depends-list targets. Is it correct that it doesn't recurse while all-depends-list does?
  • Switch to new test framework as well
  • Complete documentation
  • Implement NO_TEST similar to NO_BUILD/NO_INSTALL. Useful to disable default tests for any reason.
  • Add TEST_DEPENDS to all-depends-list since all other depends are there. Is this correct?
  • Switch all my ports to new test framework for a demonstration

I'm not sure why it needs a file and why the can't be used in its stead.

5628 ↗(On Diff #8805)

Mmm, TEST should go before INSTALL, no ? Tests are usually not ran after installing, but are contained within WRKSRC.

5692–5693 ↗(On Diff #8805)

Could you add _OPTIONS_test and _USES_test variables ?

In D3680#76447, @mat wrote:

I'm not sure why it needs a file and why the can't be used in its stead.

This depens on whether *depends-list should recurse. I honestly don't know the answer, but since build-depends-list and run-depends-list do not, I've taken it as test-depends-list shouldn't either.

5628 ↗(On Diff #8805)

Please read considerations in the description. There definitely will be tests which are more convenient (maybe even `only possible') to run from stagedir. For instance, I want

    ${FIND} ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/lib -name "*.so" | while read so; do \
        ${CC} -l {} -o /dev/null || ( echo "Failed to link `basename $so`"; exit 1); \
5692–5693 ↗(On Diff #8805)

Sure, good catch!

AMDmi3 edited edge metadata.

Added _OPTIONS_test and _USES_test

5692–5693 ↗(On Diff #8805)

Mmmm, for the options to do anything, you need to add entries to the _OPTIONS_TARGETS variable in, and for the uses, you need to add test to the .for look around line 1420 in Sorry I was not more helpful to start with :-)

Added test to _OPTIONS_TARGETS

5692–5693 ↗(On Diff #8865)

Mmmm, for the options to do anything, you need to add entries to the _OPTIONS_TARGETS variable in


and for the uses, you need to add test to the .for look around line 1420 in Sorry I was not more helpful to start with :-)

It was already there.

bapt edited edge metadata.

mmm this changes all-depends-list behavior, it is no longer recursive after this change...

Ah no, I mis-read the diff and didn't see was copied to

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