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Add file_open(): the underlying system call of openat().

Authored by ed on Jul 29 2015, 1:33 PM.



CloudABI purely operates on file descriptor rights (CAP_*). File
descriptor access modes (O_ACCMODE) are emulated on top of rights.

Instead of accepting the traditional flags argument, file_open() copies
in an fdstat_t object that contains the initial rights the descriptor
should have, but also file descriptor flags that should persist after
opening (APPEND, NONBLOCK, *SYNC). Only flags that don't persist (EXCL,
TRUNC, CREAT, DIRECTORY) are passed in as an argument.

file_open() first converts the rights, the persistent flags and the
non-persistent flags to fflags. It then calls into vn_open(). If
successful, it installs the file descriptor with the requested
rights, trimming off rights that don't apply to the type of
the file that has been opened.

Unlike kern_openat(), this function does not support /dev/fd/*. I can't
think of a reason why we need to support this for CloudABI.

Test Plan

This implementation passes the cloudlibc test suite:

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