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emulators/virtualbox-ose: Update to 6.1.24
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Authored by madpilot on Wed, Jul 21, 7:53 PM.


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I'm testing the virtualbox update to the latest update.

This update includes extensive changes to the audio subsystem. Due to this our patches for OSS don't apply anymore. Altough a cursory look at the changes makes me think the patches are not needed and the code now does the right thing.

However pulseaudio support has stopped working. Virtual machines configured to use pulseaudio fail to start with the following error:

Failed to construct device 'ichac97' instance #0 (VERR_CFGM_VALUE_NOT_FOUND).

Looking in the VM logs I found these related lines:

00:00:00.958601 Audio: Initializing PulseAudio driver
00:00:00.958624 AssertLogRel /wrkdirs/usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose/work/VirtualBox-6.1.24/src/VBox/Devices/Audio/DevHda.cpp(5042) int hdaR3Construct(PPDMDEVINS, int, PCFGMNODE): RT_SUCCESS(rc)
00:00:00.958644 LUN#0: rc=VERR_CFGM_VALUE_NOT_FOUND
00:00:00.958654 PDM: Failed to construct 'hda'/0! VERR_CFGM_VALUE_NOT_FOUND (-2103) - Value not found.

Due to this regression I'm submitting the update here instead of committing it.

I'm looking for help fixing the issue.

Test Plan

Have pulseaudio also work and then commit.

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Buildable 40611
Build 37500: arc lint + arc unit

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BTW the error VERR_CFGM_VALUE_NOT_FOUND makes me suspect something is going wrong with the VM xml configuration file. But I have found no clue about what is missing.

Can you upload the .vbox file?

Sure, I'm attaching an archive with the vbox file and the full log produced while trying to start the machine.

Simply changing the output driver to OSS makes it work fine.

TIL: the host audio driver can be changed for the saved state of a running machine.

I successfully tested a switch from null to OSS, so I guess that (if this PulseAudio issue is not easily resolved) guests that use PulseAudio might similarly be switched to OSS.