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ZFS NAME_ERR_DISKLIKE check is Solaris-specific
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Authored by on Thu, Mar 25, 2:19 AM.
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I have other changes to also post but I need to verify that the enum symbol can be safely removed and then also follow up with upstream thus :


Hi Dennis. As I understand it, updates from OpenZFS are pulled in pretty regularly, and for non-critical fixes it is preferred to let them trickle in from upstream.

So, the best would be to wait for someone to address the OpenZFS issue, or file a pull request there.

Yep this can go through upstream.

Based on and also the code

May we consider this a done deal ? That ten year old bug 159356 can be closed I would think.


A change was pused six hours ago :

The enum symbol NAME_ERR_DISKLIKE still exists in a few places however one may be able to finally create a zpool named c0ffee if you desire. That only took ten years.

Dennis Clarke