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elfctl: prefix disable flags with "no"

Authored by emaste on Jan 13 2021, 6:15 PM.
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Some ELF feature flags indicate a request to opt-out of some feature, for example NT_FREEBSD_FCTL_ASLR_DISABLE indicates that ASLR should be disabled for the tagged binary. Using "aslr" as the short name for the flag is confusing as it seems to indicate a request for ASLR to be enabled. Rename "noaslr," and similar for other opt-out flags.

Example output with the change:

File '/usr/bin/true' features:
noaslr 'Disable ASLR' is unset.
noprotmax 'Disable implicit PROT_MAX' is unset.
nostackgap 'Disable stack gap' is unset.
wxneeded 'Requires W+X mappings' is unset.
la48 'amd64: Limit user VA to 48bit' is unset.
noaslrstkgap 'Disable ASLR stack gap' is unset.

Discussed with manu and bapt who approve.

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