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Remove remnants of classful behavior in route(8).

Authored by melifaro on Apr 13 2020, 8:06 PM.



As reported in bin/237391, route(8) treats some addresses as network addresses:

route -nv get
RTA_DST: inet; RTA_NETMASK: inet; RTA_IFP: link ; RTM_GET: Report Metrics: len 240, pid: 0, seq 1, errno 0, flags:<UP,GATEWAY,STATIC>
locks:  inits:
sockaddrs: <DST,NETMASK,IFP> link#0
route: route has not been found

Note added RTA_NETMASK in the request.

Host address from the same network is ok:

route -nv get
RTA_DST: inet; RTA_IFP: link ; RTM_GET: Report Metrics: len 224, pid: 0, seq 1, errno 0, flags:<UP,GATEWAY,HOST,STATIC>
   route to:

This is due to the logic that tries to "guess" netmask for the network-looking adresses by using long-forgotten functions like inet_lnaof().

The proposed change is simple: eliminate the entire guessing part and simplify the whole part.

route(8) manual suggests the following syntax variations are permitted (permutations with *-host* or *-net* flags skipped):

  1. add GW (treated as a host)
  2. add GW (treated as a network)
  3. add GW (DNS resolve for a host)
  4. add some_network GW (getnetbyname() reading /etc/networks and auto-guessing mask)
  5. add some_network GW OR some_netmask
  6. add GW

I propose to eliminate (4), (5) for the following reasons:

  • rc.conf seem to be the master source of data for interface networks and static routes
  • Again, modern way of storing static routes is either variations of rc.conf or the routing daemon.
  • getnetbyname() does not support IPv6
  • default handling assumes classful approach, which was deprecated 10+ years ago

The interesting part is how can we backport (any) of similar changes to solve the original problem, though..

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