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Correct policy for new ports' summary standard format
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Authored by crees on Sun, Feb 9, 3:06 PM.


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This patch fixes the policy for new ports' summary standard format on Bugzilla in such a way that it is consistent with what bugs triagers prefer.

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Build 27230: arc lint + arc unit

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salvadore created this revision.Sun, Feb 9, 3:06 PM
crees requested changes to this revision.Sun, Feb 9, 4:24 PM
crees added a subscriber: crees.

Do you have a rendered version? I think the diff is missing a bit.


We report?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Sun, Feb 9, 4:24 PM
salvadore updated this revision to Diff 68025.Sun, Feb 9, 10:04 PM

Sorry, I was copying the diff from a bug report I created long time ago and I copied it wrong. Now it should be fixed.
If anyone wants to see the bug report, you can find it at

By the way, on that PR the patch already got approved by koobs.

crees accepted this revision.Mon, Feb 10, 7:46 PM

Docs approval granted. Not sure if Mat wants to comment as it's a bugs part.


When we know about Mat, please keep in mind that I have no commit bit, so someone else should commit the patch for me. Thanks.

crees commandeered this revision.Mon, Feb 10, 9:19 PM
crees edited reviewers, added: salvadore; removed: crees.

Ok, no worries, I'll commit when Mat approves.

mat added inline comments.Wed, Feb 12, 2:05 PM

What is this <span class="quote">?


"short description of the port" was just right, why complicate it with some obscure variable expansion.

mat added inline comments.Wed, Feb 12, 2:07 PM

Oh, do you mean the content of the COMMENT variable in the port?

If so, it would be preferrable to leave the "short description of the port" so that it is easy to understand, and maybe add a note saying something like:

To describe the port, the content of the <varname>COMMENT</varname> variable can be used.
crees added a comment.Wed, Feb 12, 5:33 PM

There are a couple of tagging issues I'll fix before committing, yes.

I'll use your COMMENT example.

crees updated this revision to Diff 68212.Wed, Feb 12, 6:11 PM

This matches your suggestions.

Let me know if you're happy to proceed.

crees marked 3 inline comments as done.Wed, Feb 12, 6:12 PM

I'll deal with whitespace separately.