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Fix properly commit r281773.

Authored by araujo on Apr 22 2015, 9:04 AM.
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Commit r281773 is not right, it is necessary to check the return of ixgbe_rxeof, pretty much similar as the implementation of ixv_handle_que() on if_ixv.c

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erj@ can you review this patch? It looks pretty much correct.

I'm hesitant to approve this because the if (more) {...} section was removed in r251964. I'd want a reason for putting it back in the driver.

@jfv says that section was taken out to reduce lock contention.

We removed these additional task creations with the intent purpose of
reducing lock contention for a customer as I recall, so unless you have a
good reason to add it back I would oppose doing so.

Actually I was tracing the code and verified that ixgbe_rxeof() is called at ixgbe_legacy_irq() that does check if there is more package to be processed as well as in ixgbe_msix_que(). Also in other files it is called in the same way as example in if_ixv.c. I wasn't aware of your internal request.

So, I have no good reason to bring it back then.

Thanks and all the best.