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bsdinstall: Allow to set ZROOT partition size
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Authored by on Dec 30 2019, 2:15 PM.


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When I normally install systems I do not like to give the full disk
to the zroot partition. If only because I want to use the remainder
of the disk for pools of a different ZMIRRO/ZRAID type.
ATM this is only doable by first creating an absurde SWAP size.
And once booted fix that. Disadvantage is that the freespace ends
between swap and zroot, which is not all to nice.

This patch add a extra option in the zfsboot menu that allows to
deviate from the MAX setting. MAX setting gives the current
standard behaviour.

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rS FreeBSD src repository
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Buildable 28383
Build 26468: arc lint + arc unit

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bcr added a subscriber: bcr.Dec 30 2019, 3:44 PM

Thanks for sending the patch.
You can check your man page using "mandoc -Tlint" and the textproc/igor program for issues like the one I've found.


There must be a line break after a sentence stop.

bsdinstall.8: fixed formating

bsdinstall.8: 2e update formating marked an inline comment as done.Dec 30 2019, 5:34 PM

Both Igor and mandoc seem to be happy now.

Thanx for the help

bcr accepted this revision as: manpages.Dec 30 2019, 6:20 PM

Thank you for making these changes. OK form manpages.