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random(4): Fortuna: Enable concurrent generation by default for 13

Authored by cem on Dec 19 2019, 8:28 PM.



Flip the knob added in r349154 to "enabled." The commit message from that
revision and associated code comment describe the rationale, implementation,
and motivation for the new default in detail. I have dog-fooded this
configuration on my own systems for six months, for what that's worth.

For end-users: the result is just as secure. The benefit is a faster, more
responsive system when processes produce significant demand on random(4).

As mentioned in the earlier commit, the prior behavior may be restored by
setting the kern.random.fortuna.concurrent_read="0" knob in loader.conf(5).

This scales the random generation side of random(4) somewhat, although there
is still a global mutex being shared by all cores and rand_harvestq; the
situation is generally much better than it was before on small CPU systems,
but do not expect miracles on 256-core systems running 256-thread full-rate
random(4) read. Work is ongoing to address both the generation-side (in
more depth) and the harvest-side scaling problems.

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