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Reduce duplication in grab functions. Make the code more readable.

Authored by jeff on Mon, Dec 2, 11:00 PM.



These functions have become somewhat sprawling. This is partially my fault. Now that we never grab or grab_pages without a busy lock held the same asserts work in both cases. Other than this, I do not intend for there to be any functional differences.

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jeff created this revision.Mon, Dec 2, 11:00 PM
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jeff added inline comments.Mon, Dec 2, 11:05 PM
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I renamed this to vm_page_acquire_flags in a different patch since it will also wire the page. I think I like this name better.

I also feel like this file should really be split. Can svn do that while maintaining version history?

kib accepted this revision.Tue, Dec 3, 3:36 PM
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markj added inline comments.Tue, Dec 3, 4:24 PM
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I believe you can preserve history by doing an svn cp of the file before removing most of its contents.

The file is kind of unwieldy but I also like the fact that basically all logic for manipulating vm_page structures is in one file. How do you propose splitting it?

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It is confusing that we use pflags as allocation flags and allocflags for everything else.

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Why test == 0 when the function returns a bool?

jeff added inline comments.Tue, Dec 3, 5:55 PM
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It is somewhat confusing but unfortunately necessary. I could also break out the asserts and only compute pflags when calling vm_page_alloc so the visibility is limited.

jeff added inline comments.Tue, Dec 3, 6:04 PM
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I think lookup/grab/busy/wire and allocation could be split. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to do though.

jeff updated this revision to Diff 65176.Tue, Dec 3, 9:30 PM

style fixes.

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