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Uses/ - add flavor support and other options
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Authored by on Jul 29 2018, 1:41 AM.


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This is a (first attempt at) adding flavor support to USES=lua, plus some additional options.

The intent is to allow the following:

  1. Lua modules like devel/lua-stdlib-* can be changed to use flavors to keep their dependencies straight, and some helper definitions in make it easier for them to keep their documentation subdirs separate
  2. The lang/lua ports themselves could be changed to use USES=lua:envcore,NN to centralize the definitions of all the LUA_* variables in one place, rather than duplicating them between and lang/luaNN/Makefile
  3. Applications that use Lua probably wouldn't want to use the flavors option, but can now use LUA_FLAVOR when declaring dependencies on libs
  4. More version range options are supported, e.g. USES=lua:52-54 or USES=lua:-53

A functional change is that this version makes no attempt to look at what versions of Lua are already installed - that seems to me to be a very bad idea.

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mat added inline comments.Aug 6 2018, 11:19 AM

I am not sure why this test. If you are building lang/luaXY, PORTNAME is lua anyway.


You're right, that's unnecessary.

Remove an unnecessary conditional as pointed out by mat.

Remove some not-very-helpful commentary. marked 2 inline comments as done.Aug 8 2018, 9:37 PM
ygy added a subscriber: ygy.Aug 12 2018, 5:13 AM