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ipfw SCTP grew accidental dependency on full options SCTP stack

Authored by kbowling on Dec 23 2017, 3:22 AM.



I fixed this in the most expedient way, I'm happy to go about it another way if you don't like it

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Hi Kevin,

you are right, I missed that. Sorry about that. Let me change the code in sctp_crc32.c such that we don't need any SCTP specific include files anymore. Give me a day or two.

Best regards

Hi Kevin,

I committed a fix in I changed the code in sctp_crc32c.c such that it does not rely on any other SCTP sources. This way it does not require any changes to sctp_os_bsd.h.

Thanks for reporting the issue and providing a suggested solution!

Best regards

Thanks, your changes worked