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memset_s() and abort_handler_s() missed some standard notes

Authored by on Aug 11 2017, 7:14 PM.



abort_handler_s() currently simply calls abort(), though the documentation says it needs to do more work - "Writes an implementation-defined message to stderr which must include the string pointed to by msg and calls abort()."

memset_s() is missing the fact that it should treat "n > smax" condition as error, and invoke the constraint handler after filling the buffer - "following errors are detected at runtime and call the currently installed constraint handler function after storing ch in every location of the destination range [dest, dest+destsz) if dest and destsz are themselves valid", one of the errors is "n > smax" itself.

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Tested using the updated test case.

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Can you upload a diff with context (-U9999) please? Thanks!

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Should abort_handler_s() be async-signal safe ? There is no direct answer to the question in the standard, but intent is clearly to allow for almost mechanical replacement of the 'unsafe' (they are not, but I have no better term) functions by a 'safe' function (again, they are not).

memset(3) is async-signal safe, so we perhaps want the memset_s() to be useful in a signal context or be safe against cancellation.

abort() has contradictory requirements already, on the one hand C11 and POSIX claim that it must be async-signal safe, on the other hand POSIX says 'may include an attempt to effect fclose( ) on all open streams' and then admits that it is somewhat silly.

Our implementation of abort does try to call FILEs flush. More, __throw_constrain_handler_s() locks a mutex. Still, I am not sure that this is a good reason to add more async-signal unsafe code.

TL;DR version: I would very much prefer this fprintf call to be replaced with two write(2) calls.

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You do not need braces there.

Hopefully I got your comments right.

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Yes, this is what I mean.

I would write this the '18' s line as

    static const char msg[] = "abort_hand.... : ";
   (void) _write(STDERR_FILENO, msg, sizeof(msg) - 1);

Updated, thanks for handholding!

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