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Drop x11-themes/kde4-oxygen-icons in favor of x11-themes/kf5-oxygen-icons

Authored by rakuco on Apr 2 2017, 8:06 PM.
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As far as I understood it, the latter is a superset of the former. It only contains architecture-independent icon files. With the patch in this diff, it also stops depending on Qt5 altogether at both build- and run-time.

This means we can have -1 KDE4 port around and -1 conflict to care about.

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The kde4 ports changed here all built fine, and I can still see all my icons on a KDE4 desktop.

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Can you rename the component to be oxygen-icons please?

Strike that. The port is named oxygen-icons5, so it's not confusing as is.


Don't you mean USE_QT5=

rakuco edited the test plan for this revision. (Show Details)

Thanks for spotting the USE_QT screw-up. I've adjusted it and added some CMake arguments to make sure we don't get error messages about qt5-core during make configure. Please take a look and see if it's not too hackish.

You have put real effort into making this port independent of Qt5, and independent of the specific KDE version; do you really think it's necessary to call ik 'kf5-' ? It doesn't make much difference, it just looks funny to have "kde4" depending on some "kf5" ports. (This gets worse as you introduce more of the up-to-date applications which are kf5-based, while still being dependencies of the kde4 meta-port).

Personally I don't have any emotional attachment to the name, so I'm fine with renaming as long as it doesn't trigger @tcberner's OCD and doesn't introduce additional complexity to Uses/ :-)

I'm against renaming it :) -- KDE4 is on it's way out. So I don't see a reason to do it to lessen confusion for the remaining months.

(accept posthumously)

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Apr 12 2017, 9:48 AM