math/wxmaxima: Update to 20.04.0


math/wxmaxima: Update to 20.04.0

  • Resolved a crash on right-clicking a GroupCell.
  • View/Invert worksheet brightness now toggles an instant dark worksheet mode.
  • Removed an unnecessary info dialogue on startup.
  • Right-click-suggestions for similar command names.
  • Corrected the initial slideshow size.
  • A more stable language selection mechanism.
  • An Ukrainian translation update.
  • A Russian translation update.
  • Add a German manual page.
  • Help works again in the German translation.
  • Extended the "fitting data" example.
  • An example on how to iterate through lists efficiently.
  • Many spelling corrections and better formulations.
  • A big number of small bug-fixes
  • A noticeable speed up.

Approved by: gerald (mentor)
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D24573