misc/schilytools: Consolidate old schily's tools


misc/schilytools: Consolidate old schily's tools

  • Update and consolidate schily's tools into more reasonable state
  • Transfer maintenance to Robert Clausecker <fuz@fuz.su>

From Robert Clausecker <fuz@fuz.su> (new maintainer):

In 2018, Jörg Schilling consolidated all his projects into the
schilytools project and stopped providing new separate releases for the
individual projects (such as cdrtools, smake, star, and ved). Hence,
the FreeBSD ports of these projects have been stuck on outdated versions
for years.

With this changeset, the schilytools are added to the ports collection
as a collection of 10 ports:

devel/schilybase (libraries)
net/rscsi (split out from cdrtools for security reasons)
sysutils/schilyutils (command line helpers, shells)
misc/schilytools (meta port for all of these)

Where appropriate, I've tried to keep existing patches and conventions
in tact. Some options have been renamed to more appropriate names,
others have been added or removed. The schilytools have been patched
not to install binaries with the same name as system binaries, though
some man pages with such names remain.

The split into slave ports largely follows the OpenCSW packages provided
by the author. Some differences are present:

  • strar has been moved from schilyutils to star
  • rscsi has been moved from cdrtools into a package on its own as it needs to be installed setuid to function.
  • mountcd is a Solaris only program and is not shipped
  • man2html is not shipped as it's already available in textproc/man2html
  • cdrecord, cdda2wav, and readcd are only installed setuid root if the user specifically requests so using a non-default option

This changeset unobsoletes the editors/ved port.

This changeset obsoletes the sysutils/cdrtools-devel port as schilytools
provide a newer version than the old development version shipped therein.

This changeset overwrites the following ports, the maintainers have
previously been informed via PR and direct email but haven't responded.
They have also been added as reviewers to this changeset.

archivers/star (mm@freebsd.org)
devel/smake (no maintainer)
sysutils/cdrtools (marius@freebsd.org)
sysutils/cdrtools-devel (marius@freebsd.org)

PR: 256467
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D30669


fuzAuthored on Jul 1 2021, 8:01 AM
otisCommitted on Jul 1 2021, 9:11 PM
Differential Revision
D30669: Add schilytools port comprising 10 ports
R11:ceb35631b0c4: x11/foot: update to 1.8.1