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www/obhttpd: Apply FreeBSD-specific fixes.

Authored by jrm on Feb 17 2017, 1:25 AM.



www/obhttpd: Apply FreeBSD-specific fixes.

  • The default chroot directory is the home directory of the www user. On OpenBSD, this is /var/www, but on FreeBSD the www user's home directory is nonexistent. Patch, so that the default chroot directory, when none is supplied in the configuration file, is ${WWWDIR}.
  • Patch the obhttpd.conf.5 man page so that it refers the correct default configuration file location and other file locations under ${PREFIX}, and the correct default chroot directory.
  • Since the porter renamed the FreeBSD version of OpenBSD's httpd to obhttpd and renamed the man pages to obhttpd.x, use that name in the man pages.
  • Create directories that are expected when alternatives are not specified in the configuration files: ${WWWDIR}/{cgi-bin,htdocs,logs,/run}.
  • Out of the box, obhttpd fails to start with the sample/default configuration file. Comment out non-essential parts of the sample configuration file, so the web server successfully starts by default.
Test Plan

portlint -C: OK
testport: OK (poudriere: 10.3-RELEASE-p10)
testport: OK (poudriere: 10.3-RELEASE-p10)
testport: OK (poudriere: 11.0-RELEASE-p1)
testport: OK (poudriere: 11.0-RELEASE-p1)

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Hi Joseph,

As I mention in the previous review I'm not agree with few changes.

  • Chroot directory can be specified in the configuration file. If its configurable then there is no need to change the source code. First is much more flexible to change the configuration file and second less changes in the original code make it easier to maintain. I think the right way is to add 'chroot "%%WWWDIR%%' in the example configuration file.
  • I'm OK with changes in the man pages and additional directories in pkg-plist
  • Configuration file is just a sample, it's not default. There is no need httpd to start out of the box without editing the configuration file. %%WWWDIR%% is default document root for other web servers too. Listing files by default for example can cause security problems. And there is no need to change the path to the configuration file. As you can see in the 'files/' 'obhttpd_flags=${obhttpd_flags:-"-f %%PREFIX%%/etc/obhttpd.conf"}' already exists. Lets keep to the options avoid hardcoded changes in the source.


Yeah, I would rather the example configuration is installed as-is in ${EXAMPLESDIR}

No problem. I will allow you to proceed with these as you see fit.