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[special] igor -Ry and some other rewording and fixes.

Authored by mat on Aug 20 2014, 3:08 PM.

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<para>This section explains the most common things to consider when creating a port.</para>

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s/mostly/mostly be/

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This one actually needs "should". It's a recommendation on when to create directories.

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s/has to be/is/

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s/upstream/the upstream/

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setting <varname>USE_LDCONFIG</varname> to a list of

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s/has to/must/

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s/in to/into/

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s/cannot not be/cannot be/

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<varname>RESTRICTED</varname>, since the latter variable

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s/Same/The same/

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s/if port/if the port/

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s/^/an /

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Break sentence at NLS. Also use <acronym> tags on NLS.

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In high complexity cases, more advanced techniques

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may be needed, such as

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I think this is one where "should" is correct.

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s/so that/for/

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When set, add the selected JDK port to the build dependencies.

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When set, add the selected JDK port to the run dependencies.

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When set, add the selected JDK port to the extract dependencies.

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Should this have the single quotes?

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"forecited" is a word, but a rare one. "previously listed variables" is better.

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mygroup</literal> if the port needs different values. This

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allows the user to override them easily.</para>

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s/must make sure to/must/

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Do not redefine these variables in the port.

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s/entries using/entries for/

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s/default define/default, define/

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s/version define/version, define/

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This is a recommendation:

earlier, all ports scripts should use</para>

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s/have/have a/

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s/If so that/If so, that/

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"Should" is a recommendation here, and correct.

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I don't think so, if it has those files, they must be listed in the plist, and be installed in the directory below. Maybe i should have used "must" and not "have to" ?

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Should I add <acronym> around JDK too ? should I do this everywhere ?

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Update with comments from wblock

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Yes, "must" is more definite than "have to".

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Yes. Anything that is an acronym should have <acronym> tags.

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