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radix_trie: speed up search loops

Authored by dougm on Jul 12 2023, 3:04 AM.
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Combine three ways to speed up index-based searches in radix tries.

  1. Every path from trie root to the bottom ends in either a leaf or a NULL node. Every loop that walks a path from the root has to check both conditions with every iteration. Replace those NULL nodes with null-leaves, so that every loop can iterate until a leaf is encountered, and then distinguish null leaves from regular leaves once, outside the loop.

That only works for tries properly initialized; default, static zero-initialization no longer works.

  1. Every iteration invokes keybarr(), to see if the search is doomed to fail, and slot(), to determine how to continue. A simple calculation produces both results at once, eliminating some arithmetic and a branch point.
  1. There is a node field called 'clev'. It is always fetched and then multiplied by a constant. Saving the post-multiplication value instead saves an instruction per loop iteration.
Test Plan

I ran a buildworld test that counted calls and cycles spent in those calls, for for the original code and the code as modified by this change, for the vm_radix versions of lookup_ge, lookup_le, lookup, insert and remove:

Original stats;
52579.851u 1464.033s 59:18.83 1518.5% 73464+3095k 121044+34231io 110768pf+0w
vm.radix.lookup_le_cycles: 67380124177
vm.radix.lookup_le_calls: 341562871
vm.radix.lookup_le_cycles/call: 197.27004864354825
vm.radix.lookup_ge_cycles: 2243725226
vm.radix.lookup_ge_calls: 3545877
vm.radix.lookup_ge_cycles/call: 632.7701795634761
vm.radix.lookup_cycles: 51517315631
vm.radix.lookup_calls: 349324641
vm.radix.lookup_cycles/call: 147.47690138182952
vm.radix.remove_cycles: 9643973959
vm.radix.remove_calls: 79571853
vm.radix.remove_cycles/call: 121.19830813792912
vm.radix.insert_cycles: 77607446838
vm.radix.insert_calls: 345173648
vm.radix.insert_cycles/call: 224.83595514220715

Modified stats:
52604.110u 1459.569s 59:24.11 1516.8% 73467+3096k 121084+33732io 110823pf+0w
vm.radix.lookup_le_cycles: 58322122750
vm.radix.lookup_le_calls: 341562671
vm.radix.lookup_le_cycles/call: 170.75086858657338
vm.radix.lookup_ge_cycles: 1753102450
vm.radix.lookup_ge_calls: 3547268
vm.radix.lookup_ge_cycles/call: 494.21201048243324
vm.radix.lookup_cycles: 43031420200
vm.radix.lookup_calls: 349320580
vm.radix.lookup_cycles/call: 123.18604360498887
vm.radix.remove_cycles: 9311389818
vm.radix.remove_calls: 79574836
vm.radix.remove_cycles/call: 117.01425081165107
vm.radix.insert_cycles: 75758299926
vm.radix.insert_calls: 345174133
vm.radix.insert_cycles/call: 219.4784970344229

new/old lookup_le_cycles/call: 0.8655691513267025
new/old lookup_ge_cycles/call: 0.7810292369077367
new/old lookup_cycles/call: 0.8352904248106646
new/old remove_cycles/call: 0.9654775929585057
new/old insert_cycles/call: 0.976171702144367

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restore a dropped underscore.

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dougm added a subscriber: pho.

Peter, can you test this? It requires testing on multiple platforms.

Peter, can you test this? It requires testing on multiple platforms.

Sure. I should be able to start testing this late tomorrow.

I ran tests with D40979.id124949.diff on both amd64 and i386. 8 hours on i386 and some 20 hours on amd64.

FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT i386 1400093 #0 main-n264276-22dca7acf7756-dirty
FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT #0 main-n264276-22dca7acf7756-dirty (amd64)

No problems observed.

Other than a few comment rewrites, everything here has been checked in already.