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Fix a race in fusefs that can corrupt a file's size.

Authored by asomers on Nov 29 2021, 2:18 AM.
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VOPs like VOP_SETATTR can change a file's size, with the vnode
exclusively locked. But VOPs like VOP_LOOKUP look up the file size from
the server without the vnode locked. So a race is possible. For

  1. One thread calls VOP_SETATTR to truncate a file. It locks the vnode and sends FUSE_SETATTR to the server.
  2. A second thread calls VOP_LOOKUP and fetches the file's attributes from the server. Then it blocks trying to acquire the vnode lock.
  3. FUSE_SETATTR returns and the first thread releases the vnode lock.
  4. The second thread acquires the vnode lock and caches the file's attributes, which are now out-of-date.

Fix this race by recording a timestamp in the vnode of the last time
that its filesize was modified. Check that timestamp during VOP_LOOKUP
and VFS_VGET. If it's newer than the time at which FUSE_LOOKUP was
issued to the server, ignore the attributes returned by FUSE_LOOKUP.

PR: 259071
Reported by: Agata <>

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Event Timeline

Just fyi, when I was testing the patch I did for NFS
and was using getnanouptime(), I did have a failure
that I was not able to reproduce after switching
to nanouptime().

I'll admit I know little about the clocks, although
nanouptime() is supposed to return a more
accurate time. I did not figure out why the
less accurate time caused a failure, since a lower
resolution clock should still work. All that should
happen is attributes won't be updated because the
times are equal, more often.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jan 1 2022, 12:14 AM