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procctl(2) and proccontrol(1): add W^X control

Authored by kib on Sep 2 2021, 3:26 AM.

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kib requested review of this revision.EditedSep 2 2021, 3:26 AM
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I checked that go binaries that have no PT_GNU_STACK segment and no elfctl note to disable wxorx for the image, do start with kern.elf64.allow_wx=0 and 'proccontrol -m wxorx -s disable <go program>'

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I would perhaps s/like JIT// and add another sentence along the lines of, "This may be legitimately required by some programs, such as JIT compilers."

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I think you need a P_WEXIT check here as you have below.

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What's the point of unlocking the proc at all?

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vmspace_acquire_ref() potentially results in the call to vmspace_free()->vmspace_dofree()->VM locking (e.g. sleepable vm map lock take)

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Regularize prologue in wxorx_status/ctl, check P_WEXIT and assert process lock.
Man page language fixes.

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I'm concerned by the different sense of the two flags, WXORX being enabled is equivalent to allow_wx=0.

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this is why I desire positive sense flags (and why sysctl(9) recommends positive sense): this *_DISABLE flag enables something, which can be confusing

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and *_ENABLE_* prevents something

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This problem exists no matter what, it's just a question of what you're disabling: the mitigation, or the ability to create writeable, executable mappings. PROC_WXORX_DISABLE and PROC_WXORX_ENABLE_ON_EXEC both clearly refer to the mitigation.

A more explicit naming scheme would be to have PROC_PERMIT_WX_MAPPINGS and PROC_PERMIT_WX_MAPPINGS_ON_EXEC or something similar. That is, instead of referring to the mitigation, refer to the underlying capability. I think I slightly prefer that approach since it's a bit clearer and agrees with the sysctl.

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