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net-mgmt/unifi6: update to 6.0.45

Authored by samm on Sun, Feb 21, 10:40 PM.





Add Multi-Site Management toggle.
Add WiFi, Hotspot, Network, Internet definition fields to search.
Add a link to Hotspot Manager in new settings.
Include Data Retention in search results.
Move WiFi AI to Advanced Features.
Clear Settings Search upon leaving Settings page.
Scroll to validation error upon trying to submit a form that has invalid inputs.
Update Property Panel for USP-Strip.


Fix saving U-LTE configuration in classic Property Panel.
Fix being unable to save WiFi RADIUS Authorization settings.
Fix incorrect WiFi Experience in History tab in Client Property Panel.
Fix broken positioning for Port Profile Storm Control warning icon.
Fix being unable to open Threat Management.
Fix Delay in Dashboard WiFi widget after removing all APs.
Show Missing Security Protocol section in WiFi Network form.
Display correct active client count for WiFi configurations on UDM setups.
Disable VPN settings for L3 Networks.
Remove Auto IPsec VTI for UDM/UXG.
Filter out UBBs from clients list.
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This is a duplicate of my already done that is ready to land :-)

In D28847#645765, @otis wrote:

This is a duplicate of my already done that is ready to land :-)

thank you, closing that :)

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