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Mk/Scripts/ Allow users to override the depends_blacklist QA check
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Authored by dvl on Thu, Jun 25, 1:58 PM.


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At present, the policy implemented in Mk/Scripts/ prevents me
from adding lang/python, lang/python2, or lang/python3 as a dependency of
another port. "This is to prevent adding dependencies to meta ports that
are only there to improve the end user experience." - I build my own packages
via poudriere. I want to create my own meta-package which has such packages
as RUN_DEPENDS. It's been suggested that I patch my own copy of the tree.
This patch moves towards tools, not policy.

This patch allows me to set this variable in a poudriere make.conf file:


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By default, existing behavior is preserved

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dvl created this revision.Thu, Jun 25, 1:58 PM
dvl requested review of this revision.Thu, Jun 25, 1:58 PM
mat added a comment.Thu, Jun 25, 2:19 PM

Could you make it more generic, doing a test in the loop, so that I can add IGNORE_foo to ignore the foo check?


We try to move away from having magic strings, I would rather it be something like this.

dvl updated this revision to Diff 73647.Thu, Jun 25, 5:22 PM
dvl marked an inline comment as done.

Make the change generic, so that any check can be IGNOREd

dvl added a comment.Thu, Jun 25, 5:24 PM

Good idea mat.


I tried to avoid CHECKS= and keep all the options in the if, but

  • that doesn't work, you get one loop through
  • creating CHECKS makes the for easier to read

Any IGNORE option gets flagged in the output

linimon retitled this revision from Allow users to override the depends_blacklist QA check to Mk/Scripts/ Allow users to override the depends_blacklist QA check.Fri, Jun 26, 7:56 AM
dvl added a comment.Wed, Jul 1, 8:08 PM

What is the next step?