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gmultipath: add ATF tests
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Authored by asomers on Mon, Nov 4, 6:01 PM.



gmultipath: add ATF tests

Add ATF tests for most gmultipath operations. Add some dtrace probes too,
primarily for configuration changes that happen in response to provider

PR: 178473

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asomers created this revision.Mon, Nov 4, 6:01 PM
asomers planned changes to this revision.Mon, Nov 4, 7:57 PM
asomers added inline comments.

Turns out this test case is invalid. In fact, AFAICT the entire bug was misdiagnosed. gmultipath *does* limit the number of retries at the end of g_multipath_done_error. But my test case *appears* to show a long loop because when dd releases the multipath device, every other geom class gets a chance to taste. You can easily see the correct behavior by setting sysctl kern.geom.notaste=1 (after creating the multipath device). I need to do some more work to determine whether there really is any bug at all.

asomers updated this revision to Diff 63938.Mon, Nov 4, 9:09 PM

Fix the failloop test.

There never was a bug to begin with; it only appeared that way due to GEOM
tasting. Now tasting is disabled during the failloop test. That requires
failloop to run exclusively, so it doesn't screw up other tests by disabling

Also add a new "restart" dtrace probe. It helps to confirm the nonexistence
of the reported bug.