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vfs: change si_usecount management to count used vnodes
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Authored by mjg on Thu, Oct 31, 12:27 AM.



Currently si_usecount is effectively a sum of usecounts from all associated vnodes. This is maintained by special-casing for VCHR every time usecount is modified. Apart from complicating the code a little bit, it has a scalability impact since it forces a read from a cacheline shared with said count.

There are no consumers of the feature in the ports tree. In head there are only 2: revoke and devfs_close. Both can get away with a weaker requirement than the exact usecount, namely just the count of active vnodes. Changing the meaning to the latter means we only need to modify it on 0<->1 transitions, avoiding the check plenty of times (and entirely in something like vrefact).

I did a simple verification: just logging in over ssh and logging out runs into vp->v_usecount == 2 and count_dev() == 2 in stock head, and 2 and 1 respectively with the patch.

Test Plan

pho tested the change, no problems found.

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mjg created this revision.Thu, Oct 31, 12:27 AM
kib added inline comments.Fri, Nov 1, 8:28 AM

These two checks for v_usecount == 2 are optimizations and can be committed separately.

OTOH I should note that changing v_usecount updates to atomic make these checks racy.


This is just an optimization, right ? It can be tested/committed separately before the rest of the patch is reviewed.

mjg added inline comments.Fri, Nov 1, 8:46 AM

I think the code was racy even beforehand. Moreover, I suspect there is a different bug here as well: if the target device gets a ref from another devfs mount point, this code will decline clearing it which probably was not intended. At least dragonfly only checks the current vnode and changing this would be a noop for typical use cases. That said, I consider the patch to maintain to be bug compatible.


With the patch in place, if this is the only vnode, vcount will return 1 on account of v_usecount > 0. Thus the check is needed to actually revoke if there are other users of the vnode.

mjg edited the test plan for this revision. (Show Details)Sun, Nov 3, 11:58 PM
mjg added a comment.Sat, Nov 16, 3:21 AM

ping? the change passed tests by pho