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Use an rmlock to lock vfs cache
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Authored by rstone on Mar 12 2015, 2:50 PM.
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Switch the VFS cache to use an rmlock for locking. In a simple
test using buildworld/buildkernel on a 12-core Haswell Xeon system,
this lead to approximately a 10% performance increase:

x orig.log
+ rmlock.log

+ x
++++ x x xxx


N           Min           Max        Median           Avg        Stddev

x 6 2710.31 2821.35 2816.75 2798.0617 43.324817
+ 5 2488.25 2500.25 2498.04 2495.756 5.0494782
Difference at 95.0% confidence

-302.306 +/- 44.4709
-10.8041% +/- 1.58935%
(Student's t, pooled s = 32.4674)

More importantly is a correctness issue: I recently hit a case on an
single core VM that was overloaded by user priority threads consuming
the CPU. A real-time priority process got blocked waiting to acquire
a write lock on the VFS cache and was starved for over 30 seconds
because of a priority inversion problem where a reader held the VFS
cache lock but was preempted by the CPU hogs. The rmlock is able to
propagate priority even to readers and therefore avoids the problem.

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Do we still want to do this?

No. Locking was significantly revamped and the problem at hand us unlikely to be encountered. Should it be encountered, the new (much finer-grained) locking can be modified to use exclusive-only locks. The speed up as reported here was disputed on the mailing lists and was likely not present.